Pixel Shrine JINJA lets users build ancient shrines in Japan using pixel art. Available now on iOS and Android

KaguraTech announced the global launch Pixel Shrine JINJA, an interactive sandbox game with a Japanese theme. The game is now available on Android and iOS. Players can unleash their creativity and create beautiful shrines using a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.

Pixel Shrine JINJA allows players to create their masterpieces in a charming, pixelated world. They will earn resources from worshippers who visit their shrine. They can also upgrade and strengthen their building to protect against evil forces. The rewards earned from destroying foes will allow players to upgrade and expand their shrines.

A water flow function is also available in the game. Players can see the natural flow of water anywhere on the map. As they grow their characters they can learn special skills to care for their shrines. For a little social interaction, other players can visit their shrines at the end.

You can also acquire resources even if you’re not logged in, so you can decorate your torii gates or kaguraden to your heart’s content.


You can download Pixel Shrine JINJA now to get involved in the fun and play the game. iOS App Store The Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s free to play and includes in-app purchases. You can also visit the official website You can find more information or take a look above at the embedded video to get an idea of the game.

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