PlayStation VR 2’s Latest Trailer Highlights the Headset’s Key Features

Sony revealed the latest iteration for its PlayStation VR headset a while back. We have received information about the new headset including its specs, release date, and other details. Today Sony released a trailer that showcases some features of the headset. PlayStation VR 2A closer view of the features.

The trailer is available below.

The PlayStation VR 2 headset is a truly unique piece of technology. This headset has 4K capabilities and content is displayed in 4000×2040 HDR video format (2000×2040 per eye) with a 90Hz/120Hz frame rate.

Eye-tracking sensors are also included in the headset. These sensors detect and track your vision to enhance immersion. The PSVR2 also comes with advanced foveated rendering techniques to improve the visual experience by adjusting resolutions to pinpoint and enhance whatever you’re focusing on.

The headset also allows you to enjoy comfortable play sessions through a vast 110º field of view and a light, well-balanced Fresnel lens. You can adjust the spacing between lenses to best suit your eye position. The headset also includes vibration feedback.

Tempest 3D AudioTech allows the PlayStation VR 2 headset’s in-game audio to change dynamically based on head movements and position. All this is possible with just one cable. To make the headset work, you only need one USB cable to connect to the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation VR 2 Sense controllers are also unique. They can detect finger movements and have sensors that can detect them. They also have adaptive triggers and Haptic feedback that allow for an immersive experience when you interact with the game worlds. The PSVR2 will debut in 2023.

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