Pokemon Go’s next Safari Zone destination is in Da’an Forest Park Taipei

Pokémon Go Fest may be over for this year but that doesn’t mean the live events have to end. A few days ago, players in South Korea enjoyed the Safari Zone: Goyang, and now it’s the turn of trainers in Taiwan as the Pokémon Go Safari Zone’s next destination is the luscious Da’an Forest Park in Taipei.

Between October 21st and 23rd, Safari Zone Taipei will be live at the Da’an Forest Park. Tickets are available for a price of NTD $380, which includes a single day’s access to all the activities between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Trainers can be available at 10:00 AM for those who are early birds by paying NTD $140 more.

Throughout the event, a whole host of gameplay bonuses will be available. Exclusive Special and Field Research will go live too, featuring limited-edition Pokémon like Pikachu wearing a green T-shirt, Flying Pikachu with either green or multicoloured balloons, and a bunch of other Pokémon.

Lure modules and incense will be available for four hours and eight hours, respectively. Trades cost 50% less Stardust and allow for five special trades each day. Buddy Pokémon will also be looking more actively for Souvenirs and may just find the exclusive paper aeroplane.

That party doesn’t stop there. Fans will also be able to enjoy the Pokémon Air Adventures event which is making its return to Taipei. Some activities will be reserved for the ticket holder but most of Air Adventure’s gameplay can be enjoyed by everyone in the city.

Mega Latias will be found in Mega Raids. Team Go Rocket will also be scouting the area in air balloons. Confetti will be scattered all over the map and stickers will be readily available. Be on the lookout for Shiny variants of all these Pokémon as well!

Purchase tickets on the official website and download Pokémon Go now for free.

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