Pokemon Unite welcomes Scizor, to slash away competition

When TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company revealed the second phase of the first-anniversary celebration for Pokémon Unite, players were to be treated with lots of stuff including three new Pokémon licenses, another map, and a tonne of other features.

Today, the third and final Pokémon of this commemoration is out – Scizor, with its powerful claws. The Pokémon begins each match as Scyther and has the unique ability to choose not to evolve. It all depends on your playstyle. Scizor has a very rigid exoskeleton while Scyther can be quite free-flowing. Licenses can be obtained for 14,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

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Scyther starts with basic moves that slash opponents and deal damage to them. At level five, Scyther is able to learn Dual Wingbeat. This deals AoE damage in an area X-shaped while also restoring its HP. The other option is Bullet Punch, where Scizor dashes forward punching opposing Pokémon and recovering HP.

At level seven, the Pokémon learns Double Hit and Sword Dance, the former dealing damage in a designated direction, while the latter in an area-of-effect. And to top it off, the two Pokémon have their own Unite Moves.

Scyther’s move is called Green Illusion Dive, where it makes copies of itself and damages the Pokémon constantly. Meanwhile, Scizor’s Unite Move is Red Illusion Dive, where it lowers an opponent’s movement speed. It copies itself and damages the opponent again.


These evolutions are essentially identical, but there are slight differences that vary depending on the match situation. Scyther offers a lot of mobility with its Dual Wingbeat move, while Scizor’s Bullet Punch makes it extremely durable. Scyther is more durable than its evolution, but it does not have the same toughness.

Scizor excels at disrupting its opponents. Scizor can easily stun other Pokémon, while also raising its own defences, which further add to its durability. So, if lasting for a while and high HP is what’s required, then Scizor should be the go-to Pokémon.

Get your hands on Scizor’s license by downloading Pokémon Unite now for free.

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