Psychological Horror Game Unholy gets a teaser trailer for Tokyo Game Show

Duality Games and Digital Bros’ subsidiary publisher HOOK released a new teaser trailer about Unholy, a psychological horror game. The trailer gives us a brief overview of the game’s mechanics as well as the paranormal events that will occur in it.

Below is the trailer that was shown during Tokyo Game Show.

Unholy is about the disappearance and rebirth of a young boy in a post-soviet, run-down town. Players will have to navigate between reality and Unholy in order to uncover the terrifying truth. They will use exploration, puzzle solving and innovative combat mechanics. Players will also need the ability to traverse between a post Soviet Easter European town and a twisted, ruled by a relentless priest Castle.

Unholy is also a psychological horror game that is driven by a dark, disturbing storyline. It employed a gameplay combination that combines meticulous exploration with intriguing puzzle solving, stealth, infiltration, and infiltration with innovative shooting dynamics. This world allows you to use your emotions to defeat monsters.

This means that you can use four emotions – anger (fear), sadness (sadness), and desire – in order to fight against monsters and interact with the surrounding environment. Super Princess Peach meets… Scary. You can use your emotions to overcome obstacles, trigger mechanisms, overload circuits, or even light up the game’s environments.

Everyone in the unholy world hides behind masks. This can make the difference between life or death. To learn new skills and improve your abilities, you can make your own mask or use another mask to infiltrate, confuse and impersonate enemies. What is the truth behind the village and the child who disappeared? There is only one way to find out.

S in 2023.|S, and PC (Steam) in 2023. Players can now wishlist the game on Steam.

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