Punishing Gray Raven

Every mobile RPG has multiple characters with different stats, so players have to choose the one that suits them best. It can be difficult to choose the right character at first. It’s a similar situation in Punishing Gray Raven… However, the reroll function can be used to help you choose a character once more after you have started the journey. So, we’ve created the ultimate guide to help you perform a proper Reroll in Punishing Gray RavenTo help you choose the right starting characters.

Punshining Gray Raven is set in a postapocalyptic universe with a cyberpunk setting. You will take on the role of a high ranking soldier and lead your troops in fighting a virus that has taken control of the Earth. It features fast combat action in a 3D environment. It also encourages exploration.

What are the requirements for a reroll?

Let’s first look at the requirements. It gives you the chance to choose an S-tier character at the beginning of the game. However, it requires tons in-game currency to perform one reroll. It might not be worth rerolling as you could always spend this on items and upgrade your character’s stats and abilities instead.

Players have two options for performing a reroll. One takes more time and the other takes less. You can quickly increase your level to 10 by completing at minimum 12 story missions. You will need to reach Pity 40. This could take several days because it involves many quests and missions.

How to perform Punishing Gray Raven rerolls?

Once you have met all requirements, it is possible to reroll. If you follow the steps correctly, they are quite simple. You can now see the steps for performing a reroll.

  • To advance in the game and unlock certain features necessary to perform a roll, the first step is to complete this tutorial
  • After you’ve completed the tutorial, head to the story missions and quickly complete them. In total there are 12 of them and if you’re quick enough, it should take a few minutes
  • Completing the mission unlocks the gacha, which gives you access to the in-game currency Black Cards.
  • You will now be able to use our beginner banner by saving 2500
  • The beginner banner can summon up to 10 summons. The chances of getting one are lower if you use S rank selector.
  • If luck is on you side, use the Construct feature on the S rank character that you just obtained
  • In case you couldn’t get your desired character, perform the reroll once again but the process will take up a lot of time
  • To perform a reroll, either uninstall it or download it again
  • You can also delete game data from your phone’s app settings
  • This will delete the current profile and allow the game to start with a brand new one and random username

You can always follow the game data removal method if you’re unhappy with the character obtained after performing the reroll.

What units can you reroll for in Punishing Gray Raven

Rerolling for all S Tier characters is a good idea as they have more advanced skills and stats that can help you on the harder stages. Here are some characters you should aim for when rerolling.

  • Lee – Entropy
  • Nanami – Pulse
  • Karenina – Ember
  • Liv – Luminance
  • Kamui – Tenebrion

That’s all for the Punishing: Gray Raven reroll guide. Do visit our regularly updated PGR tier list for the game to check out the character’s rankings. Also, if you’re looking for some free goodies, we also have an updated Punishing: Gray Raven codes collection.


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