Redfall’s Intimidating Vamps & Stylish Environments are showcased in a new trailer

Redfall has fallen off the radar somewhat following it’s delay into 2023, but Microsoft and Arkane Studios are stirring up some hype with a fresh trailer. This one largely focuses on the game’s titular town, which definitely has that trademark colorful Arkane look to it. We also get a peek at some new vampires, including the guy above with a decidedly Jack-Skellington-like appearance. Below is the trailer.

Looking good! It’s looking great! Haven’t been keeping up with Redfall? Here’s the game’s official description…

“A legion of vampires has taken over Redfall, Massachusetts. They have blocked out the sun and cut off the citizens from the outside. Explore the open world and immerse yourself in a deep story campaign as you unravel the mystery behind the vampires’ appearance. You will need to team up with a few survivors to defeat the creatures that threaten to bleed the town.

  • Redfall seamlessly combines single and multi-player options.  You can either venture into the darkness by yourself or team up with four other players to form a co-op. You can team up with your friends to try different hero loadouts, and combine your strengths to solve the vampire apocalypse. You will acquire a variety of specialized weaponry, customize your character with unique abilities, upgrades, and modifications to fit your playstyle, whether you are looking for stealth or guns blazing combat or everything in between.
  • Select your squad – Created by science experiments gone wrong and gifted with psychic abilities, Redfall’s vampires will challenge you and your squad to get creative. You will choose from a team of diverse heroes – each with their own character-specific abilities – to overcome the vampire legion and their brood of maniacal followers.

Redfall will launch on PC and Xbox Series X/S sometime during the first half 2023.

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