Review of Finding Paradise – Engage in a story full of both somber as warm moments

Finding Paradise The mobile version of the PC game goes by the same title and is the sequel. To the Moon. Published by Freebird GamesFinding Paradise and its predecessors have a reputation for telling simple, yet powerful stories in a 16-bit-format role-playing video game. This article will review Finding Paradise, and share our first impressions.

In your quest to fulfill your dying wishes, play Dr. Watts or Dr. Rosalene

Start with the Finding Paradise ReviewThe game’s central role is played by the beloved protagonists from To The Moon. The controversial Sigmund Corps., Dr. Rosalene And Dr. Watts As a team, we can help people fulfill their dying wishes by helping to implant a memory from their life into their minds.

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There is only one mode of play in the game. This is the classic storyline mode. Characters follow the storyline and take action according to it. The story is mostly linear with only a few options to perform certain acts. The game is largely self-governing and the plot takes its own twists and turns.

Explore the immersive story of Finding Paradise

What makes Finding Paradise unique is its storyline. It is also how it is executed. 16-bit game Therefore, the game lacks the ability of displaying elements in a 3D environment. The storyline doesn’t require strong emotional reactions from the audience. It is a perfect mixture of warmth, humor and solemnity that all works in perfect harmony.

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There are moments in the game when the story is more than just an in-game storyline. You may even find moments where the game makes you wonder more. For sophisticated feelings Such as integrity, morality, etc. When the game hits its heavier moments, you feel a deep and resonating feeling of pain. This is a testament to the high quality of storytelling.

This game does not have any customizable elements, but it doesn’t hinder the game in any way. In a game that has a pre-determined storyline and self-efficient characters customization would have been a bit odd. When you consider the game’s overall graphics, it is quite vibrant.

Enjoy 16-bit graphics at their best with the perfect soundtrack

Finding Paradise, one of those games that actively fights against the trope, proves that good graphics are not necessary to create an immersive gaming experience. High-tech Physics engines. The game is built in a simple 16 bit format using the RPG Maker softwareDespite lacking modern components, it is an old but reliable software that can be used for similar purposes.

Finding Paradise closed beta
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The 16-bit format might be difficult for some players to follow, but it’s not completely inappropriate. The 16-bit theme can actually be a complement to the overall game’s atmosphere and make it seem more complete. The game lacks interactive objects, but this is easily overcome by the great elements found in the game.

Finding Paradise’s music has to be one of the most memorable aspects of the game. It is a great experience to play this game with the music playing in the ears, preferably via headphones or earphones. The music is more than just background music for a video game. It soothes and relaxes the mind and sets the right mood for the story of Finding Paradise.

Final Verdict

If you’re into storytelling role-playing games, Finding Paradise should be a must-play. It checks all the boxes for being a good game. This game is great for wasting time and allowing you to explore the story.

Gameplay Mechanics 8

Storyline – 8.5

Graphics and Music – 7.

Controls and UI – 7

Value for Money – 7.



Finding Paradise is a great game, and one of the few on the mobile platform. If storytelling RPGs are what your are looking for, it is worth your time and money.

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