Rise of Kingdoms Guide – Tips, Cheats, Hints For Beginners

Tip #1: Take Advantage of Gems Early on

Rise of Kingdoms is about building your empire. It can take a while to build or upgrade things. It can take as little as 15 to 20 seconds, but it can take much longer depending on the size of the upgrade.

These red gems are great for speeding up the upgrade process and completing them instantly. This is a great way to shift your focus to other things. This is a great benefit to have.

Another way to grab gems is through the RoK redeem codes we have.

The great thing about this is that you will start with a lot more gems, which really helps. You should be careful if you get low. You’ll need to upgrade your City Hall before the cost of each upgrade reaches 6 gems. The price of each upgrade will increase as much as you could imagine. Enjoy the rapid builds early on.

Tip #2 – Make use The Research Building

This is something they will remind of you of in the video game. Once you have raised your City Hall to Bronze Age, the ability to build Research buildings will become available to you. This structure is useful because it makes it easier to gather resources.

This building’s big brains will get to work, and they will discover new ways to collect things and how to get them more. You will be able upgrade the building, which could open up new research opportunities. Some of these things can provide more food and other necessities for your troops or civilians.

Instead of being limited in your food collection, you’ll be able to collect more. It’s also a good idea to upgrade your Storage building. This is where your woods and grub will go. Upgrading this increases the storage capacity. These buildings are basically one-and-the same.

Tip #3 – Defeat Barbarians

Ahh, Rise of Kingdoms! The tutorial will show you how to fight, but once you have built an army, you can explore the world and battle barbarians. There will be many different groups that roam the lands with their own levels.

It is important to ensure that you are fighting a group of barbarians at the right skill level. You will encounter barbarian groups five or more levels higher than you. You’ll be reminded by the game to avoid engaging with higher-leveled gangs. Your army will likely be decimated.

You can get a lot of rewards for taking down barbarians, including some of the precious gems we mentioned earlier. You can get a bit of everything, but not all. They will give you food, resources, and gems if they are defeated. It’s well worth it. Make sure you start with a lower-leveled group.
We hope that you will find the Rise of Kingdom tips and our guide helpful. We have many suggestions from other players if you aren’t sure which RoK city layout to use.

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