Roots of Tomorrow allows players to learn about sustainable agriculture in a farming simulation. Available now on mobile

Gamabilis has officially launched Roots of Tomorrow on mobile, the unique farming sim that focuses exclusively on sustainable farming. The management game uses turn-based mechanics to help players understand agroecology and aim to create sustainable agriculture within ten years.

Roots of Tomorrow will allow players to grow their farming career on different farms, including Brittany (Northwest of France), Grand Est and Provence. They will need to manage their staff, as well as sow and fertilize. They must entertain farm visitors and ensure that employees don’t burn out by overworking.

The game also helps players understand sustainable agriculture through methods such as direct seeding and precision agriculture. To reach the ideal score at the end of the period, it is important to balance your social, economic, and environmental scores. There are many ways you can achieve your objective. It’s up to YOU and the decisions you make every year.

Roots of Tomorrow can be downloaded on the Internet if you want to participate in the fun and have a chance to experience the game for yourself. iOS App Store The Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to play game that can be purchased in-app. You can also join our community of followers on the official website Facebook Page to keep up-to date on all the latest developments. Visit the official website You can find more information by clicking the embedded video above.

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