It’s time for Grandpa to break free of the boring hospital life!

Only you can rescue him. Grab your slippers, put on your best slacks, and take off for an epic adventure in a rocket powered wheelchair to free Grandpa!

In this manic, high-octane platformer, you’ll be pulling off some seriously impressive leaps as you traverse dangerous and surreal environments – all while evading the angry nurses who are hell-bent on cramping Grandpa’s style!

Race through the terrain to prove that this old dog has still got some tricks and his supercharged chair.


– A surreal and varied environment to navigate – what was in that medication!?

– Killer obstacles like swinging mallets and spinning blades, which demand skilled steering.

– Rocket power-ups to fuel Grandpa’s epic jumps, but timing is key!

– New gameplay elements, including bouncing platforms, to keep the excitement up.

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