RuneScape’s Fresh Start Worlds Event that Levels the Playing Field for Everyone is Live

RuneScape Mobile’s much-awaited update that was announced last month is out now. Named Fresh Start Worlds, this new event does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives newcomers and veterans alike a chance to relive RuneScape’s magic all over again.

It’s not exactly a reboot but in Fresh Start Worlds, players can create a new character in a special world created entirely for this event. This is an attempt to level the playing field as original RuneScape players are far more advanced than any newbies. As Grand Exchange is a new economy that allows for higher scores and accelerated levels of XP, nothing can be carried forward in this new world.

Fresh Start Worlds will ensure that every player of RuneScape has a fresh start for the four-month event. There will be a lot of nostalgia as players will once again experience Geilinor. You will get additional bonuses for famous cities, iconic quests, or the most entertaining boss battles. There are many new rewards such as cosmetic sets, pet skins and more that can be won so things will still feel fresh.


Speaking about this monumental update, Jendrik Posche, RuneScape’s Executive Producer, said: “We’re really excited for the potential that Fresh Start Worlds has to grow RuneScape’s player base and help our players rediscover this amazing game. Fresh Start Worlds offers a chance for players to come together, reunite, and start a new adventure together. More importantly, the adventure doesn’t end when the event is over, with players able to transfer their characters seamlessly to the main game, complete with all the achievements and cosmetics they’ve earned along the way.”

This is the last part, and it allows players continue their journey with the character they have built over the past four months. Don’t forget that competitiveness doesn’t disappear just because it’s a reboot. The first two month will see players being assigned a Wild Firsts race, and only those with enough RuneScape information will be able make the most.

Start your journey anew with RuneScape.

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