Scrap Divers review: “Falling For An Endless Runner”

There is beauty in simplicity, even when games are labeled as an endless runner. There is a lot to be replayed in the way that the RNG is programmed procedurally to generate an infinite path. The concept of Scrap Divers by Gearhead Games is presented in a unique way. It’s both simple and challenging, which makes it far more interesting. There are certain elements that will frustrate some players but not deter them from continuing. This title is both challenging and fun to play, making it a great choice for long and short gameplay sessions.

Behind the Scrap Divers

Because endless runners are something that people expect to pick-up and play quickly, there isn’t much to slow things. Scrap Divers keeps it short and to the point before you get in. A 30-second introduction will give you a clue to the situation: It’s the future, and things aren’t going well. The dominant species is robots. Things start when one of them approaches a shady structure in the hope of making some gold. A crane quickly flies down and grabs them, securing them in a precarious position above a vast pit that holds all the gold they need. It’s your decision how far you’re willing go to get rich.

Simple and elegant Scrap Divers

The classic easy-to-learn-hard-to-master structure is one to aim for in any game, particularly mobile which isn’t meant to be as huge as AAA titles. Scrap Divers’ gameplay is a great example of this. You’re a robot who falls down a shaft that changes its theme every few thousand metres. You must avoid obstacles like moving traps and blockages. You can control the robot’s position using your finger and move them out of harm’s path by using your finger. Although it sounds simple, falling is difficult and will make it more difficult to keep your cool. It hurts to fail, but that just makes it all the more enjoyable.

Then there’s the variety in terms of how you play. Your robot is your greatest asset. Each robot has a unique appearance, with a positive and negative side. You can unlock more and you can try them all to find the one that suits your play style. There are robots that can grind to earn all the gold needed to purchase different models. Some robots become more appealing than others as they are able to overcome obstacles and get more power-ups.

This is how scrap divers live their lives

It’s a tight game, but those who rely solely on RNG might struggle to find the right balance of skill and luck. Scrap Divers does an admirable job, but there are times when it falls apart. There will be runs that work in your favor more than others. You may get a streak of attempts where there are more stationary obstacles than mobile as well as way more power-ups… only for your confidence to be crushed by continuous runs that throw instant death at you in the first few seconds. It is impossible to avoid it. However, skill can only help so much when your robot slides around.

Learning hitboxes is the last but not least. It will take some time. While many robots are similar in shape, some are more flexible and lankier than others. This, along with the fluid effects of some obstacles (like flame traps), will result in moments of “OKAY! I KNOW THAT I AVOIDED THAT!” It’s a feeling that you can only develop through consistent play.

Becoming a Scrap Diver

Scrap Divers is a 2D running game that allows you to guide falling robots through a shaft. It’s easy to learn with a fun presentation, a growing challenge, and a variety to keep things interesting. You will need RNG to support you as you learn more about the hitboxes. You’ll be able to live a better scrap diving life. 

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