Seven Knights 2 features new characters, check in rewards, new content, and more in the latest update

Netmarble announced the release of Seven Knights 2, an action-packed mobile RPG featuring triple-A quality. New heroes, new content and more are all part of the Seven Knights 2 update. Players can also expect a check-in event, which will reward players with amazing prizes just for logging in to the game.

Seven Knights 2’s latest update will bring Abyssal Orochi Kagura (Legendary Hero), into the fray. Gatekeeper of Purgatory Wolyeong, a defense-type hero is also joining the fun. The Limited Time: Legendary Kagura Special Event will allow players to score Abyssal Orochi Kagura completely free by completing in-game mission.

You will also get new gear along with the new characters. In the Orochi’s Tooth: Special Crafting Event, players will be able to earn Orochi Tooth from events and from crafting. In turn, these can be used to create Orochi’s equipment, which includes the Radiant Orochi’s Sword. Players will be able create special items through the Field Exploration Cursed Shaman Crafting event, using Kagura and Wolyeong coin.


Finally, logging into the game alone has its perks – the Kagura & Wolyeong Release Celebration Check-In Event will reward players with Hero Summon Tickets and more when logging in for 10 days until October 12th.

You can download Seven Knights 2 from the internet if you want to join the fun. iOS App Store And on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to play game that can be purchased in-app. Visit the official website website For more information, join the official community of followers Facebook To keep up to date on all developments, visit our page or take a look above at the embedded clip.

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