Silent Hill Transmission includes Updates to the Series; set to go live on October 19

Konami recently made a bold move in social media, which will undoubtedly shake up the gaming community. The Silent Hill series will be back in the spotlight. The special transmission on October 19 will reveal the future plans for the series.

This announcement was made via Twitter at both the official and informal Konami And Silent Hill accounts. Both tweets can be viewed below.

In both tweets, James Sunderland refers to the first line in the letter he receives in Silent Hill 2. This is what kicks off the game’s events. This could be referring to the long-rumored appearance by the Bloober Team-developed remake, which recently saw some leaks showing gameplay elements and screenshots.

There could be other developments for Silent Hill, including announcements of new merchandise and developments for other projects like the Silent Hill Sakura, which is a more mysterious approach and has been described as more than a P.T. demo.

The tweet that signaled “updates” seems to confirm the rumor that was started in Silent Hill’s movie director. Christophe Gans confirmed that Konami has multiple games in the works with different development teams. According to the film’s creator Team Silent and he are currently working with Konami to create new projects.

The Silent Hill transmission will go live on October 19th at 2:00 p.m. PST / 5:00 pm. ET. You’ll be able to see the stream through Konami’s websiteThis could be the long-awaited return of the series, so mark it in your calendar.  The stream will take place on October 19.

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