Smash Legends Tier List – All legends sorted by respective roles


Best Fighter Legends

Master Cat is a powerful Legend. He is an excellent pick for any mode of play, including duel, battle royale, and TDM. He does a lot of damage and charges his ultimate very quickly, making him the best fighter on Smash Legends’ tier list. He can also dodge attacks quickly because of his low recovery time. His attack range is also very long.



S Molly, Master Cat. Wukong
A Jack’O, Rapunzel
B Zeppetta, Ravi
C Nui, Peter


Best Marksman Legends

Hook is a cyborg Legend and a captain. She is a powerful Legend, but she’s also fun to play. She can turn enemies into frogs and has lots of defensive abilities. This makes her a great choice to play in TDM mode.



S Hook
A Robin
B Flare
C Rambert


Best Assassin Legends

Snow is a teenager and the owner of a huge corporation. He is a new Legend, which was added earlier in the month. His skills enable him to quickly get into battle, take down enemies and deal huge damage.



S Snow
A Red
B Kurenai
C Wolfgang


Best Vanguard Legends

Cindy is more than a Vanguard Legend. Cindy can spam her skills like a champ. You can easily defeat your opponents if you know how to play her, and use combos.



S Cindy, Yong Yong Maya
A Kaiser
B Brick
C Don Quixote


Best Specialist Legends

Ducky&Swan is the only specialist Legend in-game right now. She isn’t very strong and opponents can easily avoid her attacks. You must charge her ultimate at least three times before you can change into your ultimate form. This is not a very powerful form.



C Ducky&Swan


Best Support Legends

Alice is the best support Legend available, and hence the top tier. She is adept at arena and crowd control. There is a steep learning curve and you will need to play a few matches before seeing good results. Be patient.



S Alice
A Goldie
B Octavia
C White Queen

Our Smash Legends tier list is complete. If you like similar titles, you can check out our list of the most intense battle royales for Android. We also have the same list for iOS battle royale games.

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