Soccer Manager 2023 review: Another step in the right direction

Invincibles Studio LtdSoccer Manager Games, formerly known as, has released its latest release in the Soccer Manager seriesThis is the version that will be used for the 2022/23 football seasons. Soccer Manager 2023, also abbreviated as SM23 is the latest version of Soccer Manager. Football manager Experience that builds on its predecessors. The developer’s aim towards producing something more and more authentic each year is clear, and this year is no different. This game is jam-packed with new features, enhancements, and an engaging mode. We were eager to get our hands on it. We will be reviewing this game in this article. Soccer Manager 2023 Let us share our first impressions.

Annual graphics updates and UI modifications have settled well

Start with the Soccer Manager 2023 ReviewEvery year, the game releases a completely new UI, with new layouts and colors. In this sense, it is no different from previous years. With a Light blue, black, or white combinationThe menus are bright and not too flashy. The buttons look clean and simple thanks to their smooth contours. It’s a different take in comparison to SM22, but it has been executed very well. I find the minimalist look to be very appealing and makes this game easier to understand.

Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

Developers have promised regular upgrades to matchday experiences, and they are here this year. We have some Updated player models, new cutscenes and better graphics all around. It is bright and feels closer to the stadium experience that the game is trying to recreate. Indeed, the game has made a lot of progress since the introduction of the 3D match engine.

There are still some visual bugs, such as players phasing in and out of synch or delayed animations. It does seem smoother than previous years, which indicates that the developers are working to reduce these bugs.

Create-a-Club offers a new way of playing with your favorite games

SM23 brings one of the series’ most awaited additions: the Create-a-Club. Players can now build their club, rather than picking from one of many existing clubs. You can customize the team, stadium name, club badge, home and away kits.

The newly formed club will begin in the lowest league of any nation, such as the United States. National League in England A classic challenge in Soccer manager is to take a team from the lower levels to major glory. Create-a-Club offers a way to do this, but with a lot more personal attachment.

SM23 Create a Club
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

It works well and lives up its expectations. Invincibles Studio has provided a wide range of customization options that have been a deciding factor. This is the first game mode to be introduced to SM23, alongside the main Career mode. Hopefully, this is a sign of what’s to come, in terms of new ways to play Soccer Manager.

SM23’s overhauled Transfer market creates a more competitive atmosphere

Another key selling point of this year’s Soccer Manager title is the Redesigned transfer system. In previous editions, players responded to or placed bids via email. Whilst it worked, it didn’t feel like interaction, but rather a game of who caves with their demands first. The new transfer system facilitates live negotiations and introduces multiple buyers.

Signing a player can mean fighting off the financial power from other European giants. So confirming that marquee signing will be much more satisfying. Selling players is much easier in a similar manner. It’s still important to keep an eye on the patience levels of other managers. However, if things don’t go to plan, it’s nice to know the negotiation wasn’t spread out over the whole week, and there is still time to chase an alternative player.

SM23 Transfer Selling Negotiations Soccer Manager 2023 review
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

Contract Negotiations They are the same as last, but they could change. To Do list Keep checking back for future updates. Additionally, it would’ve been nice to have other parts of a transfer offer, such as player exchanges, and perhaps installments/other clauses. Again, it’s likely these will be coming up later down the line.

Better Tactic selection gives you more control

SM23 makes the tactics selection screen more user-friendly by including pre-set and additional options. Now, it’s easier for new players to approach tactics without having to deal with the numerous settings in the menu. You can choose a pre-set strategy from the menu. High Press To Park the BusSimply enter the code and the game will do all the rest. For those who like to tweak, you have more control with new tactic settings such as Formation Fluidity and Sweeper Keepers, Time Wasting.

SM23 Preset Tactics
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

The Soccer Manager series has always included the tactics menu as a key component. It is great to see the improvements. This was an area that was seemingly unaffected last year, and the changes show that the developers are actively listening to feedback.

Still, Developing Wonderkids lacks some satisfaction

The problem of irregular player development seems to have settled down a bit. It seems that players are more able to grow and improve, which is a good thing since this was a problem previously. However, the player development system as a whole still needs to improve.

Although it is possible to track player growth, it is not easy to reshape that growth by changing positions or working with specific attributes. The introduction of Loan reports It’s a nice feature to add into your inbox. Sending players on loan used to feel like just moving them off the wage bill, and it’s interesting to see what those guys are getting up to on their time away.

SM23 Loan reports Soccer Manager 2023 review
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

However, these loan reposts revealed that some clubs simply weren’t using the players. Particularly with youngsters, loan moves are great ways for them to gain experience, but that’s pointless without game time. It would be nice to have more power over these types of things in the future.

Finally, the youth academy is in dire need of some improvement. It feels like a long time has passed since this system was implemented and it feels dry now. The facility could be improved, but it feels like these young players are just emerging from thin air. With youth squads or competitions, perhaps there are more layers that could be added. These would be an opportunity for players to keep fit, rather than sitting in the Reserves.

The Training system still has a lot to do

Training is another area of improvement, building on the previous point regarding player development. It is the same as last season, but has become somewhat one-dimensional. Players choose a set number standard training drills for their entire team and wait one week before they can go again. For starters, the weekly theme doesn’t match the rigorous, almost-daily, training programs of top-flight players.

Training schedules that are similar to the popular PC game can be used. Football ManagerThis could be a solution. It would be great if the drills were more specific, with different elements of attack, rather than just being about one thing. AttackingTo reflect real-life scenarios,

SM23 Trophy Lifting Soccer Manager 2023 review
Image via Invincibles Studio Ltd

During a developer interview with us, the developers spoke of their aim to build a “Simple, but in-depth game“, so it will be exciting to see how they approach the player growth system. With so many improvements in other parts of the game it is expected that improvements will soon be made here.

Final Verdict

The developers’ ideas have been clear from the start, and the release of SM23 looks like another step in the right direction. This year promises to be exciting with the addition of a new mode and fresh features, tweaks, improvements in various aspects of the game.

From our review perspective, Soccer Manager 2023 still isn’t a finished product though, as there are some missing pieces in some areas. The series’ future looks bright if we consider these missing pieces as opportunities for improvement. It will be fascinating to see how the series progresses moving forward.

Gameplay Mechanics – 9

Graphics and music – 7.5

Controls and UI: 8.5

Realistic approach to the game – 8.

Play elements are free – 6.5



Soccer Manager 23 is another step forward with exciting new features. It is definitely worth a try for all soccer fans.

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