Space War Battle Cadet DX allows you to match colours to defeat your enemies, now available on Android

Two Tailed Fox has officially launched Space War Battle Cadet DX on Android devices. This colourful arcade shooter lets players match colours to survive. To increase their firepower, players will need to match the colours of their enemies and absorb bullets.

Space War Battle Cadet DX will allow players to soar through space combat while avoiding incoming obstacles and taking out foes to infiltrate enemy bases. This bullet hell frenetic frenzy allows players to equip two custom colors and put their skills to test across eight levels as well as four intergalactic places. There are six ships to be collected and four supers to unlock.

You can also customize your ship colours and have easy one-handed controls. You won’t be interrupted by annoying ads or intrusive in-app purchase. The first two levels are free. The rest of the game can be unlocked at £4.99 or your local equivalent.

Space War Battle Cadet DX is available for download if you want to join the fun and feel the lively mayhem for yourself. Google Play Store for Android devices. You can visit official website For more information on the studio, please join the followers community over at the official Twitter To keep up to date on all developments, visit page. Or take a look above at the embedded clip for a sneak peak at the game’s vibes, visuals, and mechanics.

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