Steam Deck Production is ahead of schedule, Valve Already Getting Startted on Q4 Bookings

Are you eager to get your hands upon a shiny new Steam Deck before Christmas? Well, if you’ve got a Steam Deck reservation marked Q4 2022 you’re in luck – in fact, you may even get your Deck a bit early. Per Valve, they’ve already managed to fulfill all Q3 Steam Deck pre-orders and are going to start sending out emails for Q4 reservations early.

“Hello, just a quick note about shipping today. Reddit, as some people have noticed, is the best place to find shipping information.We are moving at a faster pace through reservations. This is due to an increase in production and we have beaten our estimates yet again. With today’s batch of emails we’ve now sent invitations for all reservations in the Q3 (July-September) bucket.

We’re now able to start Q3 early and we can get a headstart on the next set. We also have the ability to fulfill Q4 window reservations. We have updated the store page with an updated bucket description: September to December. That’s it for today, more to come soon!”

Keep an eye on your mail if you have a reservation for a Q4 steam deck. Once an email has been sent, you only have 72 hours to click the link and purchase your Deck, so don’t lollygag! But maybe you’re not sure if actually want that Steam Deck after all? Wccftech’s Kai Powell found it to be a worthy piece of portable tech in his full review…

“Valve’s Steam Deck is a portable powerhouse that can handle the majority of what you can throw at it, although it might take some tweaks here and there to get that true PC experience. For all but a small sliver of the Steam back catalog, there will be some tweaks or setup necessary to make each game shine.”

Steam Deck preorders have been opened in a number new countries by Valve, including South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. Valve has also promised updated Steam Deck models will be coming eventually, but haven’t specified exactly when.

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