Summoners Greed: The best teams that will make your unstoppable


Team 1 – Flamey-Speedy-Mighty-Teddy-Sluggy-Frostbite-Deathbite-Puffy-Infernus

This team allows players to position their main DPS monster Flamey in between Speedy (or Mighty) to increase its overall damage. This trend will continue as Speedy and Mighty, due to their attack speed and damage amplification, are the best monsters to use with your main DPS monster.

The second row has the constant stuns of teddy and the slow movement speed and slow debuff of Sluggy. This helps our DPS kill enemies before they reach the treasure chest. Frostbite, which can freeze enemies, is also included in this setup. We also have a combination of DPS and Stuns for the back row to increase our damage and slow down enemies.


Team 2 – Speedy-Kevin-Mighty-Ash-Sluggy-Sparky-Slimey-Puffy-Slime King

We are using Kevin as our main DPS carrier. Speedy and Mighty will be used to boost the attack speed and damage of allies nearby. Kevin is being used here because of his base damage, which ranks high among cost-effective monsters. Ash, another cost-effective monster, should be placed in the second row. He can deal AoE Stuns, which immobilise enemies caught in a projectile for 4 seconds.

Sluggy, Sparky take up the right and middle of the second row. This is to give our frontline more crowd control to increase their damage. This is where the team really gets interesting. Slime King is another great DPS hero who can be used either on one side or the other. His damage dealt is far superior to Puffy, hence why he’s being placed in the corner.


Team 3 – Deathbite-Anubis-Ra-Jiraiya-Horus-Zeus-Hades-Amaterasu-Speedy

One of the most effective teams to clear the Kami Pantheons Retributions map. In the first row is the core DPS combo Anubis/DeathBite. DeathBite marks the enemies making them vulnerable to greater damage. Ra is traditional support that stops enemies crowd-controlling allies.

The classic Horus/Jiraiya combo is in the second row. This helps to disrupt enemies’ movement and crowd control them to move slowly towards the treasure chest. The bottom row houses our massive DPS powerhouses, Hades, and Amaterasu. Speedy, located on the bottom right, will increase Attack Speed while Speedy is in the center.


Team 4 – Speedy-Cappuccino-Mighty-Kevin-Yeti-Chilly-Slime King-Sluggy-Frostbite

One of the most successful teams to clear the Wrath of the Volcano Map. The totemic strategy, which includes Speedy and Mighty as well as Cappuccino is found in the front row. This budget setup is for free-to play players. They can replace Cappuccino for any other consistent DPS/crowd-controller like Amaterasu. We have Kevin, Yeti, and Chilly in the second row. Kevin is the damage dealer. He can also crowd control.

He can be placed in a front row while Cappuccino may be placed in the second. Yeti and Chilly can be used to control fire elemental enemies. In the last row, we have Slime King – a free-to-play AoE-targeting stunner that renders many enemies useless. Frostbite, Sluggy, and Frostbite are crowd controllers that deal Ice elemental damage.


Team 5 – Deathbite-Anubis-Archimedes-Devon-Ra-The King in Yellow-Speedy-Amaterasu-Hellhound

One of the best teams to clear the Ice Queen’s Tempest map. The combo of DeathBite/Anubis can increase the damage done by our carries. Archimedes is also present to provide the AoE-targeted Freeze buff, which lasts 2 seconds. Archimedes can also be deployed for a very low cost. Devon is a great way to counter the high HP values of longer dungeons. However, it only works after its first evolution. Ra and The King of Yellow are great enablers.

The King in Yellow transforms your damage element to cosmic, which makes all damage dealt neutral and removes any element disadvantage. It also helps in bypassing the damage immunity of Ice Spirits present in the Ice Queen’s Tempest. The majority of our damage-dealers, Amaterasu (Hellhound), are found in the last row. Speedy can be found in the bottom left corner. It boosts the attack speed of both them.

These are the top Summoners Greed teams currently. If you play similar games, you might be interested to see the best Mobile Legends Adventure or Dragon Ball Legends teams.

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