Summoners War: Chronicles review – Explore a vast open land with your companions

Summoners War: Chronicles The newest addition to the MMORPG Summoners War Verse is the world. The game follows the same storyline as the previous games. Summoners War Summoners War: Sky Arena, Summoners Lost Centuria in War of Summoners. Summoners War: Chronicles has so many amazing features that it is sure to draw every new player into the world. This article will discuss Summoners War: Chronicles, and give our first impressions.

Experience the Royalty on the Land of the Rahil Kingdom 

Start with the Summoners War Chronicles ReviewThe story of the game is similar to the one that has been told in previous games set in the same universe. Tefo, the main antagonist, has once again returned from the unstable rift to the world.

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He seeks revenge by not tolerating the defeat he suffered a long while ago. Rahil Kingdom Guards. Again, the best three Rahil Kingdom guards; Kina, Orbia, Cleaf All their powers are fully charged and ready to face him. The story continues with the three Summoners. The players have the option to pick the Summoner they wish, customize, name them and then jump into the World of Rahil to experience the intense battle between Tefo and the Rahil Guards.

For anyone who is just starting out, the gameplay mechanics are easy to understand and players will enjoy the game. The storyline is never boring and keeps the players engaged. 

Summon unique Monsters to your advantage

Monsters are the best companions in the game. They are the best companions for Summoners when they are engaged in a fight, and this is an important aspect of the game. The game is over 300+ monsters These can be summoned using a variety of Scrolls that can also be earned as a reward for players.

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Monsters have different types of powers, including Fire, Water, Wind and Light, Dark. They can also be categorized using stars to help players distinguish between them based on their rarity or power. The more stars a monster has, the more powerful it will be compared to other monsters. 

These monsters can even be upgraded by players with the help of many resources and portions. You should take the monsters seriously. They can help you beat the most evil villains, while you are moving towards defeating Tefo.

Summoners War Chronicles: Play unique game modes

Apart from the storyline chapters and arcs, the game offers many more game modes. You can also fight other powerful villains, such as Tefo or his disciples, from different sections like Arena dungeon. Expedition. Road to Growth. And Cairos.

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These sections have huge rewards and prizes as well powerful villains which will give the players an exciting fight that is much more thrilling than the fights in storyline. The Arena section allows players to compete with each other.

Here players can battle their summoner and monsters against other players from all over the world. You can compare yourself with other players around the world, and you can improve your skills and weapons to defeat the Monsters and Summoners.

The game features vibrant graphics and a clean UI.

The game’s environment is so beautiful and appealing that it can draw in every player. The 3D graphics used throughout the development are top-notch. It was done so well, that players can even experience the visions of this great game. Genshin Impact while climbing through the ladders in the Summoners War Universe.

gameplay overview summoners war chronicles
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The in-game UI has been designed to be so easy and systematic for users that everyone can easily learn all the features within a single shot. There are many other unique features that the game offers. Summoners are the best Heroes of the game. However, everyone needs the right support in order to succeed in a mission. Monsters are able to help you achieve your goals.

Monsters can possess the earth’s elemental powers such as Fire, Water, And Nature They can also manipulate with light or mystique powers. The best thing about the game is that every monster can have variants. This allows players to choose the right power for their favorite monster and pair it with the Summoner. 

The land of Rahil is rich with heritage and natural resources

There are many options for players to earn currency or resources throughout the game. You can complete daily objectives, game passes, and achievements tasks to help you earn lots of resources, such as currency and resources. Normal EXP amounts, Magical Water, and currencies such Gold And Crystals.

Summoners War Chronicles Currency,
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These currencies and resources are essential for players because they can help them increase their skills and weapons. Every section of the game allows players to easily obtain currency and resources. They can also be won by completing storyline missions or winning other game modes. 

Living in Rahil can be a bit expensive at times

The game offers a lot of in app purchases that allow players to purchase in-game currency and resources. The game can also be purchased by players. Premium Summoners’ Pass This comes with better rewards than the Get a free pass Players can also participate in Scrolls They can also summon more powerful monsters.

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However, it is not worth the cost to purchase these currencies and resources. By completing tasks from different sections of the game, players can easily win Scrolls or other important in-game resources. Players can also purchase the Premium Summoners Pass to enjoy the Royalty of the Game. 

Final Verdict

Summoners War: Chronicles is a comprehensive review that demonstrates why it is one of the most popular games from Com2uS. This MMORPG action-MMORPG game continues the story of the Universe, and makes players more excited about it.

The game mechanics, UI and graphics are excellent and easy to use by players. The game offers many other game modes and features that keep the players interested. 

Gameplay Mechanics: 8.5

Game Progression – 8.

Graphics and music – 8

Controls and UI 8

Free-to Play Elements – 7.5



Summoners War Chronicles is a game that has many factors that make it one of the most popular games by Com2uS. The game tells the story of the universe, and is a must-try for fans of the franchise.

What are your opinions on the Summoners War: Chronicles game and your review of it? Please let us know in our Comments below!

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