Summoners War Chronicles, the third and prequel to the series, will launch in November. Pre-registrations are open now

Com2uS continues to build on the mobile RPG fantasy world that it created with Summoners War: Chronicles, a continuation of its immensely popular and loved video game series. Launching in November is the franchise’s next edition, Summoners War: Chronicles, a cross-platform MMORPG which will be available on PC and mobile, with a console release soon after.

In the timeline, Summoners War: Chronicles isn’t exactly a continuation, but is a prequel that takes place before Sky Arena and Lost Centuria. Chronicles’ players will find themselves in the Rahil Kingdom, where the inhabitants are enjoying long-awaited peace and tranquillity after two great wars.

But this peace cannot last. A mysterious enemy is going after this empire. He has a path for destruction. Three Rahil Magic Academy graduates must rise to the occasion to stop this hidden villain. They will be Rahil Guards, protecting the kingdom from any threat.

Summoners War Chronicles: Five maps will be featured in Summoners War Chronicles. Each map has its own environment and secrets such as the Rudelin, Tesca, Scorching desert, Ayah, Red, Yellow, and Night Forest, Flurence, Wintera, Rukurangma, Volcanic Canyon, White Shadow Castle Wall, and Flurence of Wintera.

The game features over 350 different monsters each with their own skills and attributes. Summoners War is well-known for its monster-matching skills, which allows for the creation of perfect teams for each scenario. Chronicles will expand on this.

Battles will be played in real-time, with both single-player and cooperative modes such as Kingdom Expeditions, Ascensions and field events. Players will be able to form guilds and exchange gifts with one another. The lore will be insanely expanded, so players can learn all about their favorite monsters in this title.

Those eager for the game’s launch can pre-register on the official website You could win a lot of prizes at launch

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