T3 Arena tier list- Heroes ranked from worst to best

Last updated onSeptember 20, 2022 – Re-checked the Tier List

Are you looking for the best heroes of T3 Arena? You are in the right spot. In this post, we will share the T3 Arena Tier List. Here you can see how each hero has been ranked from best to worst.


T3 Arena is a fast-paced multiplayer 3v3 shooter. It is an exclusive TapTap game and is available in early access on Android. The iOS version will be available soon. T3 Arena will not be accessible for download on Google Play. For more information, see our T3 Arena download guide.

T3 Arena allows you to take part in 3v3 battles that last three minutes each. There are several game modes available. For example, you can play team deathmatch in which you must accumulate 20 kills before the other team wins. There’s also free-for all, where the first person to get 12 kills wins.

XD Entertainment, creators of Flash Party, developed T3 Arena. It’s a wonderful shooter, and I am already in love. There are T3 Arena: 17 Heroes Available You have the option to make a decision before you jump into action.

You will initially start with one hero when you first start playing. However, as you progress and unlock trophies, more heroes will become available. Each hero has their own weapons, stats, ultimate abilities, passive, active, and passive abilities. It can be difficult to choose the best heroes. But don’t worry. This is where the T3 Arena tier list comes in to save you.

T3 Arena tier list

We have categorized T3 Arena tier list There are four levels to choose from: S, A, C, B, and B. Heroes in the S Tier are the best and should be chosen. Heroes in tier C should be avoided.

Future heroes will include more balance changes and new heroes. This will make some heroes more powerful and vice versa. But don’t worry. We will keep this post updated so that this tier list stays accurate.

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