Tears of Themis allows players to relive childhood memories and have fun with their male lead in the latest event

Tears of Themis, the popular romance detective title from HoYoverse, is now offering a chance for fans to relive their childhood with their male lead in the latest event. This event, which has the theme “reliving the innocence childhood”, allows players to make sweet memories and collect limited SR cards as well as themed materials.

Tears of Themis’ newest event will allow players to discover new clues and engage in a romantic storyline. There will also be special tasks that will award S-Chips. The event-limited badge “Dreams of Innocence”, which is available for purchase, is also available.

Players will receive the event namecard “Celebration-Children’s Dreams” for completing the challenge. They can also attempt to collect limited-event SR cards and try their luck in the “Dreams of Childhood” Event Shadow of Themis. There will be an opportunity to rate up for Luke SSR (“Persistent Wishes”) and Marius (“Sweet Wonders”) as well.

Are you eager to spend a day in HoYoLand, drown in the excitement with Vyn, Marius, Luke, and Marius? Tears of Themis is available for download on the iOS App Store And on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to play game that can be purchased in-app.

You can also join the followers community over at the official Twitter Page to keep up-to date on all the latest developments. Visit the official website For more information, take a look at this embedded clip. It gives you a glimpse at the latest updates.

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