The best cards in the Slay the Spire tier are listed below


The Ironclad’s Best Cards

The Ironclad, a warrior-type character, focuses on dealing damage and boosting strength. He starts at 80 HP and comes with the Burning Blood Relic. This allows him to recover six HP at battle’s end.

Card NameEnergy CostType of cardRarityEffect Details
AngerAttackCommonDeal 6 damage. Add one copy of this card to your discard pile.
Feed1AttackRareDo 10 damage. If the enemy is killed by this attack, you’ll gain 3 permanent max HP. Exhaust..
Immolate2SkillRareALL enemies take 21 damage Toss a Burn into your discard pile.
Armaments1SkillCommonGain 5 Block. Upgrade a card from your hand to continue combat.
Iron Wave1AttackCommonGain 5 Block. Deal 5 damage.
Thunderclap1AttackCommonDeal 4 damage and apply 1 vulnerability to ALL enemies
Flame Barrier2SkillUncommonGain 12 Block. Deal 4 damage back to anyone you attack this turn.
Inflame1PowerUncommonGain 2 Strength
RageSkillUncommonYou can gain 3 Block for every Attack you play this turn.
Demon Form3PowerRareGain 2 Strength at your turn’s beginning
Juggernaut2PowerRareDeal 5 damage to any random enemy when you gain Block
Double Tap1SkillRareYour next Attack will be played twice in this turn.

Anger is a very useful card as it gives you a free attack. It can be upgraded for additional damage and can be boosted by buffs, debuffs, and other effects. It also adds a duplicate so that you can draw it again for future attacks.

Flame Barrier is a powerful defense card. It is both cost-effective and provides a significant defense boost. It can be upgraded to increase its efficiency and do greater damage.

Demon Form is a power that grants you a recurring buff. As the fight drags on, boosting damage will begin to pay off.


Best Cards for Silent Night

The Silent is a hunter-type creature that focuses on multiple strikes as well as poisoning targets. She starts with 70 HP, but she has the Ring of the Snake Relic which allows her to draw two additional cards when entering battle.

Name of the cardEnergy CostType of cardRarityEffect Details
Bane1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. If the enemy has Poison then deal 7 damage again.
Spray with Dagger1AttackCommonAll enemies take 4 damage twice.
Deadly Poison1SkillCommonApply 5 Poison.
Flying Knee1AttackCommonDeal 8 damage. Next turn, gain 1 energy
All-Out Attack1AttackUncommonAll enemies take 10 damage Randomly, discard 1 card.
Choke2AttackUncommonDo 12 damage. Each time you play a card in this turn, the enemy loses three HP.
Noxious Fumes1PowerUncommonYour turn begins at the start.
Phantasmal Killer1SkillRareNext turn, your attacks deal double damage.
Grand FinaleAttackRareYou can only play this card if there aren’t any cards in your drawing pile. All enemies suffer 50 damage
Envenom2PowerRareApply 1 poison whenever an Attack causes unblocked damage

Deadly Poison can be performed quickly and effectively. It is cheap and instantly deals recurring damage to the enemy you choose. It can be upgraded for more stacks and is extremely useful in taking down protected enemies.

Choke is a stacking attack that deals heavy damage. This card is ideal for dealing repeat damage when you are facing an elite or boss enemy. To make the most out of this card and boost damage sources, start your turn with it.

Grand Finale is a risky finishing move, but it is worth it. It is the most powerful card in the game and can kill many enemies as well as severely injure bosses and elites.


Best Cards for the Defect

The Defect is a mage like character that focuses on harnessing elemental power and setting up attacks. It has 75 HP and the Cracked Core Relic that Channels one Lightning when it enters battle.

Card NameEnergy CostType of cardRarityEffect Details
Charge battery1SkillCommonGain 7 Block. Next turn, gain one Energy
Rebound1AttackCommonDeal 9 damage. Place the next card you play this round on top of your draw pile.
Streamline2AttackCommonDeal 15 damage. Reduce this card’s cost to 1 this battle
Sweeping beam1AttackCommonAll enemies are dealt 6 damage Draw 1 card.
Doom and Gloom2AttackUncommonAll enemies are dealt 10 damage Channel 1 Dark.
Equilibrium2SkillUncommonGain 13 Block. This turn, keep your hand.
Melter1AttackUncommonBlock all enemies. Deal 10 damage.
All for One2AttackRareDeal 10 damage. Deal 10 damage.
Echo Form3PowerRareEthereal. Each turn, the first card you play is played twice.
Electrodynamics2PowerRareLightning now strikes ALL enemies Channel 2 Lightning.

This card is called Charge Battery. It not only provides protection, but also allows you to set up future plays. You can upgrade it to make it even more useful.

Equilibrium is a great choice if you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Equilibrium is a great card to have if you end up with a strong hand. It will allow you to keep it and provide protection.

Echo Form is a powerful power card that alters the character’s properties. Echo Form makes your first play every turn twice as effective.


Best Cards for Watchers

The Watcher, a character with a martial arts-like style, focuses on fluid combat and stances. She starts with 72 HP and the Pure Water Relic. This adds a Miracle card when you enter battle.

Card NameEnergy CostType of cardRarityEffect Details
Bowling Bash1AttackCommonEach enemy in combat takes 7 damage
Cut through Fate1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. Scry 2. Draw 1 card.
Follow-Up1AttackCommonDeal 7 damage. If the last card in this fight was an Attack, you will gain 1 Energy.
Pressure Points1SkillCommon8 Mark. All enemies lose HP equal their Mark.
Battle Hymn1PowerUncommonAdd a Smite to your hand at the beginning of each turn
Conclude1AttackUncommonDo 12 damage to ALL your enemies. End your turn
Swivel2SkillUncommonGain 8 Block. The next Attack you play will cost 0.
Blasphemy1SkillRareEnter Divinity. Die next turn. Exhaust.
Deva Form3PowerRareEthereal. Gain 1 Energy at the beginning of your turn and increase this gain by 1.
Judgment1SkillRareIf your enemy has less than 30 HP, you can set their HP to 0.

Pressure Points is an interesting and powerful debuff. Similar to Poison, Pressure Points does not block and can be added directly to targets. Keep playing the card to maximize its effects and upgrade whenever you can.

Conclude is a powerful attack card that you should have in your deck. It should be played last if it appears in you hand. This will negate the negative side and also do good damage. It is worth upgrading because it is cheap to use.

Blasphemy can be described as a Hail Mary move. This is a last resort, but it’s great to use against bosses, especially when you’re low on armor and health.


Best Colorless Cards

These cards can be used in many ways by any character. These cards cannot be acquired at the end or battles. They must be purchased, found, or added by other players to your deck.

Card NameEnergy CostCard TypeRarityEffect Details
EnlightenmentSkillUncommonReduce the cost of all cards in a hand to 1 this turn
ImpatienceSkillUncommonDraw 2 cards if you don’t have any Attacks in your hand.
TripSkillUncommon2 Vulnerable
PanaceaSkillUncommonGain 1 Artifact. Exhaust.
Mayhem2PowerRarePlay the top card from your draw pile at the beginning of your turn
Hand of Greed2AttackRareDeal 20 damage. If you are lucky, you will receive 20 gold.
PanachePowerRareDeal 10 damage to all your enemies every time you play 5 cards in one turn.
Sadistic NaturePowerRareA debuff can be applied to an enemy to deal 5 damage.
The Bomb2SkillRareAt the end 3 turns, deal 40 damages to ALL your enemies.
Apotheosis2SkillRareUpgrade ALL of your cards to continue combat. Exhaust.

Enlightenment can be a very useful card. It can help you keep your energy costs down until you find the right Relics or cards. It is free and can be used at any time.

Because you are likely to collect many debuff cards, Sadistic Nature is ideal. Because they don’t block, it is easy to stack debuffs against enemies. This card is quite powerful once you’ve done that.

Apotheosis only can be used once per battle. However, it’s well worth the effort. It instantly buffs all your cards for the rest the fight and takes it out of rotation to make room.

This will result in the closing of the Slay the Spire list. This tier list will be updated with new cards as soon as a rebalance patch becomes available. Please stay tuned.

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