The highly anticipated sci-fi roguelike Unhappy Raccoon finally launches

XD Games And Big-Cat Studio They have announced that Unhappy Raccoon, their highly anticipated action-sci-fi roguelike, will launch tomorrow, October 8. The full game will be available in just a matter hours after a few successful beta tests and a number of other successful tests.

Since its announcement earlier this year, Unhappy Raccoon is a favorite of many roguelike fans. Since then, there’s been a fair few beta tests that have gotten players really excited for the unique spin on the genre it introduces.

Unhappy Raccoon’s vibe is quite different. It takes players on an adventure through space with a group of animal-based character designs. Each one has its own abilities that you can use to take to the battlefield. As you blast apart hordes of various enemies, you’ll explore randomly generated levels that hold a ton of different challenges and even more rewards.

Upon beating these levels, you can then invest these rewards into different upgrade paths that will make each run consecutively easier until, if you’re lucky, you’ll reach the true ending and complete the game. Even then, as is the case with a lot of modern roguelikes, that’s when the true game begins and you unlock various challenge modes and new difficulty modifiers.

Unhappy Racoon is especially unique in the fact that your characters and their abilities will also be affected by in-game story choices you make along the way as you play through, changing their views and personalities with each major decision you’re forced to choose. This is a great way to immerse oneself in the story and tie it all together.

If you’re looking fOr the next big mobile roguelike up there with the likes of Dead Cells or FTLUnhappy Raccoon could be your next favorite game. If you’d like to check it out, you can download it tomorrow for free at either of the links below.

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