Top 25 best roguelikes (iOS)

The list of iOS roguelikes and other roguelites for iPhone or iPad.

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This list of must-reads is for you if your passion is playing hard games. Your actions and sometimes random encounters can have devastating consequences. The best roguelike iOS apps It is a blessing for your life.

You’ve likely seen the terms “roguelike” and “roguelite” a lot in recent times. You might not even know what it means.

It does not mean that you are a scoundrel or a little bit of one. It’s actually a reference to 1980’s video game Rogue. This game added permadeath (one hit and you’re out), and randomly generated levels to its turn based dungeon crawling gameplay.

A modern game that follows all of these elements is called roguelike. It’s like Rogue. Sometimes, a game that copies some of these elements (typically permadeath levels and random levels), is called roguelite.

While there have been many games that fall within this category over the past 40 years, the roguelike/roguelite genre has seen a huge resurgence in recent decades. These unique elements create challenge and replayability. They are found everywhere, from console games with big budgets to small indie games.

It’s no surprise that iOS is full of roguelikes, roguelites, and other roguelikes. The following feature features 25 of our top picks. You should also check out the amazing list of top iOS RPGs!

You don’t see your iOS roguelike or favorite roguelite here? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.

Original list by Jon Mundy. Updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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