Torchlight. Infinite celebrates Halloween by challenging streamer Rich W Campbell to a speedrun.

Most mobile games are celebrating Halloween with limited-time events. XD Inc seems different about its dungeon-crawling ARPG Torchlight: Infinite. It is still in open beta.

The developers are inviting players take part in a spooky speedrun to prove that in-app purchases do not make it possible to progress in the game. All Torchlight: Infinite users will have the opportunity to compete against streamer Rich W Campbell during a Halloween speedrun challenge.

Players have a chance at winning a staggering 18,888 Primocryst if they complete the challenge within the shortest time possible. All your dungeon-crawling skills must be sharpened and used in the race against the Traveler boss to defeat him and win the Timemark Six in a short time.

It will be a battle for skill between Campbell and the players. The streamer has the option to purchase anything in-game that will aid him in completing his challenge quickly. He can spend unlimited amounts of money, but participants have no money. The event’s goal is to beat Rich Campbell (pun intended).

XD Inc strongly believes that the “pay to win” ideology should never be allowed to ruin the gameplay experience. The developers have put a lot faith in their participants and are certain that they will win the challenge without spending a dime. Rich’s in-game purchases will be reimbursed twice as often if he wins.

Everybody who completes the race will receive 1000 Primocryst, while the top ten hunters will win the huge prize of 18,888 Primocryst. See this Tweet For more information, please visit the event website.

Do you think you have what it takes to defeat a pay-to win player? Get Torchlight:Infinite now, for free.

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