UNDECEMBER – Reasons to get into LINE Games’ upcoming hardcore ArPG at Steam Next Fest

The unending darkness gave birth to the light. 12 divine beings emerged from that light and broke free from the eternal dark. Their grace created Traum. Peace reigned for millennia due to the blessings from the gods. But with the birth of a 13th Being, can light still shine in darkness?

So begins the story of UNDECEMBER. Will you be able to take on the fight against Evil God Serpens?

Absolute freedom without class

Unlike other games in the genre, UNDECEMBER gives players the freedom to be who they want to be. Unlike other games, UNDECEMBER does not have a typical growth system. Players can create their own stat builds to suit their playstyles.

The endless number of skill combinations and Runes available to players means that character builds can be customized at any time to allow players to adapt to the battle. Players can also participate in Raids and Chaos Dungeon challenges across multiple platforms at launch.

Eye-popping visuals, fast-paced combat

UNDECEMBER offers an exhilarating hack and-slash ARPG experience. It showcases the game’s high-quality graphics and character design. Players can easily eliminate enemies as they progress through the game. This keeps the title’s theme of “gaining strength” in mind.

After the game’s official launch, players will be able to play the entire game up until Act 10, which includes PvE and pvP content. Multiplatform title has flexible controls, including the keyboard and mouse as well mobile touchpads. This makes it possible for everyone to experience the thrill of this game on any device.

A highly anticipated playable demo

As the cherry on top, UNDECEMBER will give players the chance to be the first to see the first five acts of the game at the Steam Next Fest event. This is just a few days before the game’s October 12th release date. The demo data will be erased upon launch. However, you can preregister for the game at the official Steam page. App Store And Google Play. You can win in-game goodies such as 30 Movement Speed Elixirs and Skill Rune Magic Upgrade Essence. 100,000 Gold, 10 Rare Upgrade Essence, 15 Resurrection Scrolls, and a Medallion Coupon.


Apart from cross-play features, the free-to-play game will also have multi-language support in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), German, French, Portuguese and Thai. If you are interested in giving it another try, you can do so by clicking here SteamVisit the official website For more information, or to see the amazing visuals, visit the official site of the game. YouTube channel.

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