UnVEIL The World is a new project of SHUEISHA Games & NetEase. A stunning trailer was shown at Tokyo Gameshow 2020

Tokyo Gameshow 2022: Announcement NetEase SHUEISHA Games A stunning trailer was displayed for their latest project, unVEIL The World, a strategy RPG. This anime-style, hero-collection SRPG is designed to be your next favorite gacha. However, details about the gameplay and story are not available at this time.

One of the most important details revealed at the announcement was that Posuka Dezu will be creating all the environment and character art for the new game. Demizu is a Japanese manga illustrator, best known for his work with the popular The Promised Neverland series. Each panel in The Promised Neverland is unique in some way. It’s especially interesting to see how his work will translate into a videogame.

The trailer depicts what we can only guess is the protagonist from unVEIL The World. She looks out at a desolate, ruined wasteland. A tower structure, surrounded by smaller buildings, rises into the sky, piercing through the clouds. The music, which is stunning by the way, plays as she sprints towards her destination. Our view shifts upwards just before a title drops.


It’s obvious that there isn’t much to be discussed here in depth. We still don’t know exactly what the combat system looks like, nor even a crumb of story details. We know that this will be a hit with gacha players, given NetEase’s support. They are known for making games like Summoners War Or Identity V. If they’re the publisher, you’re likely to see a pretty high-budget and great looking mobile game.

This trailer is all that we have for now. There’s not a Twitter account made for unVEIL The World yet, nor is there an official website. As more news drops, we’ll learn more and more about this temporarily mysterious little upcoming RPG, but for now, we’ll just have to wait.

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